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  • 8 Steps To A Great Business Card

    Your business card is often the very first impression a potential client has of you and your product or trade. If done correctly, your card is a valuable tool that will point paying customers your way. Cutting Edge Business Cards is committed to having a positive impact on your success.

    Take a look at your card. These simple guidelines will ensure you are presenting your potential clients with a quality card that matches your business' high standards.

    1: Size
    Does your business card conform to the more common size of 3.5" by 2"? Anything greater will not fit in wallets or even most business card holders and cases.

    2: Paper Quality
    Is your business card made of quality card stock, or is it flimsy with perforated edges? Cheap looking cards will fail to impress Cutting Edge Business Cards are never printed on anything less than 14, 16, or 18 point card stock. Even on a budget, you can attract potential clients with a high quality card.

    3: Ink
    Drop some liquid on your business card. If the ink runs, it is time for an upgrade.

    4: Color
    Colorful cards can add to your professional image. However, an excessive amount of color, or not enough color, can be detracting. Cutting Edge Business Cards offers business card design! Let the experts help you shine.

    5: Message Design
    Your business card should clearly tell people everything you do, who you are, and offer some sort of benefit. If a client can not decipher what you do or offer, why should they hang on to your card?

    6: Image Fit
    Your business card design should match your organization image. If you are some sort of designer, then the card needs to be creative. Your card should be a reflection of your business. Need some help? Cutting Edge Business Cards can be there every step of the way.

    7: Font Size
    Is your card crammed with data? Is the print so tiny you have too squint to see it? Is the font legible? More white space on the card could make it easier to process your message. If you have a lot to say, add it on the back of the business card. Cutting Edge includes double-sided printing for free in their already competitive pricing.

    8: Contact Data
    Your clients or potential clients should have more than one convenient way to contact you. Your business card design should include phone, fax, email, and website. The whole purpose of a business card is to point clients in your direction. Do not make it hard to be contacted!

    You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Cutting Edge has beautiful, professional cards for every budget. The business card is the best introduction to a customer, and it is certainly money well spent.