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  • 3 Simple Steps to Keep in Mind when Creating a Professional Business Card

    A company's business card is a vital part of their marketing; it's often the only item left behind from a meeting and it's the first piece of print when your potential client wants to call you.  Essentially, the cards that you, your employees / co-workers hand out need to leave a lasting impact... Think of it as your personal handshake; strong and confident leads the way to better sales.  

    If you can, have a professional graphic designer (such as our peeps here at CEBC) design your card, select the card stock and give you options... if that's not available the tips below will give you the path to follow.

    Here are some useful tips when considering business cards. 

    1) Keep it simple.
    Business cards are typically just 3.5" x 2" (plus bleeds), so you don't have too much space with which to work. Your logo should not be too big, don't make the type too small, or smashed together.  Be aware of your margins, and don't be afraid of white space.  Sometimes cleaner is better. 

    2) Be mindful of the information to appear on your card.

    • What's most important?
    • Your Company Logo (Not to Big)
    • Your Name
    • Your Services
    • Contact Information (Try not to use a non-business E-mail, purchase a domain name, and set up some professional E-mail accounts.)
    • Business Website

    With this information do not go below 8pts in your font size; any smaller and it gets hard to read.

    3) Use the Back Of Your Cards
    On Cutting Edge Business Cards its the same price to use the back on most of our products! So use it!
    We have found if you provide services put it on the back of the card.  This will give the front of the card more space for your contact information and your logo. At Cutting Edge Business Cards we use the back of our business cards for our price sheet. 

    Use the real estate that you have!

    The Bottom Line.
    Stick to your brand!!
    Make your cards strong to stand out above your competition!
    Use the back of the card!
    Thicker is better!