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  • Premium Card Stock Price Comparison

    At Cutting Edge Business Cards we believe that your card is like your handshake. It should be strong, memorable and tell the person receiving it a little bit about the person behind it.

    With that is mind, we choose to print all of our full color business cards on 14PT, 16PT or (coming soon) 18PT card stock as our standard. The stock is premium, but it's our standard... because we believe that you would want that in your printing company.


    Essentially, the heavier the stock, the more sturdy the card. (So, a heavier card is like a firm handshake.)

    Most online printers at this time use a lighter card stock for their default and charge a premium fee for their premium stock Here at Cutting Edge Business Cards we offer full color cards on 14PT and 16PT by default and include two-sided printed at no additional charge. (We'll be doing a video later this month to show the difference in pricing and quality.)

    Comparison on Pricing from an Online Competitor:

    For our comparison, we choose a popular online company that you may have seen on TV (you know...vp). 

    Quantity: 1,000
    Stock: 15.5PT
    Color: Full Color Front and Back
    Coating: UV Both Sides
    Estimated Total: $78.00 + $9.99 for Standard Shipping
    Total Cost: $87.99
    Delivery Date: 12 Business Days

    CEBC's Full Color Business Cards:

    Quantity: 1,000
    Stock: 16PT
    Color: Full Color Front and Back
    Coating: UV Both Sides
    Estimated Total: $75.00 + $6.95 for Standard Shipping
    Total Cost: $81.95

    Delivery Date: 8 Business Days

    Overall you as the customer will save $6.04 and you receive a higher quality product!  Not to mention, that the check out process is simple.

    1. Find What You Want
    2. Create an Account
    3. 3 Steps to Check-Out (No Up-Selling)
    4. Upload Artwork
    5. Done

    Below is an overview of paper thickness and what it means.  If you have questions please feel free to contact us or click on the "Live Chat" button and speak to one of our local representatives. Yes... everyone on our support team is located here in Omaha, Nebraska... enough said.

    Paper thickness and weight can be confusing.

    PAPER STOCK Paper is manufactured in large rolls and has to be cut into standard sheet sizes. Paper distributors can cut standard size sheet into smaller press size sheets. Paper weight is measured in reams (500 sheets of paper) of a standard size, known as basis weight. The standard size for 100 Lb. gloss book weight, (also known as text weight) is 25 X 38 so 500 sheets weigh 100 lbs. Stock is measured as a fraction of the basis size by 1,000 sheets, or in printer speak, Roman numeral M weight. For example, an 8.5 X 11 flyer printed on 100 Lb. weighs approximately 19.68 Lbs.

    CARD STOCK In printer speak point (PT) is used to described an individual sheet of card stocks thickness and is measured by caliper (thickness) with a micrometer. The higher the point size the thicker the card. 14 PT card stock measures .014 inches thick. They are firm in the hand and denotes quality when it is received. Cutting Edge Business Cards offers heavier 16 PT, .016 and in July 18 PT, .018 as an extra heavy card stock option for the same price on most card products. Both of these card stocks are sturdy and resist bending and tearing. Cards with 14, 16 or 18 PT thickness are perfect for business cards and postcards.